Important Benefits of Dry Fruits

Many people today start switching to a healthy diet because they understand the benefits of it. Fruits play an essential role in this eating plan, but unfortunately, you can’t always buy them fresh. In this case, you can replace them with dry fruits right?

This seems like a logical solution to the problem. However, there are so many myths about this particular kind of food that many people doubt whether they should eat it at all.

What Are Dry Fruits

If pure, dry fruits are merely fresh fruits with the water removed from them. Therefore, they offer almost all the same benefits and are just as good for your health. In fact, some of the major nutrients present in fresh fruits become more concentrated when the liquid is removed.

Do note, however, that vitamin C is too unstable to “survive” the process of dehydration, so there is almost none of it left when the fruit is dried. However, many other important nutrients remain as potent as ever.

The amounts of nutrients vary depending on the fruit. For example, dried bananas are the richest source of magnesium, and figs have the highest calcium content. One of the major nutritional benefits of dry fruits is the fact that they are packed with carbohydrates. Therefore, they are an excellent source of energy, especially for people who lead an active lifestyle.

A perfect pre or post-workout snack definitely should contain a few raisins or dates as they have the highest calorie count among these foods. Be sure to take them with you when you go hiking. When packed properly, dry fruits will remain fresh and tasty for a very long time, even when stored in a backpack.

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