Governing Body

Amir Ismail

As the Chairman of the Governing Body, He leads the way with a visionary approach and extensive experience in the export industry. Their expertise in Product Selection and International Trade Regulations has been instrumental in shaping our strategic direction and driving growth.

Maryam Naeem

Serving as the Vice-Chairman, Maryam brings a wealth of experience in Market Research. Her keen market insights and business acumen have helped us navigate complex challenges and seize new opportunities.

Amir Ismai

As a renowned expert in Pricing and Negotiation, Kabeer contributes valuable insights that help us expand our global reach. Their extensive network and market knowledge are instrumental in forging strategic partnerships and exploring new markets.


With a distinguished career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with industry regulations and maintaining the highest quality standards. His attention to detail and commitment to excellence are integral to our success.

Anderson : With a strong focus on sustainability, Anderson drives our environmental and social responsibility initiatives. Their passion for sustainable business practices ensures that we operate in an ethical and eco-friendly manner.

At Export Beat Pvt. Ltd, we take pride in the diverse expertise and perspectives of our governing body members. Their collective wisdom, combined with our dedicated team, enables us to deliver exceptional export products and services.

As we continue to grow and innovate, our governing body remains committed to upholding our core values of integrity, customer-centricity, and innovation. We strive to exceed customer expectations and set new industry benchmarks through our unwavering dedication to excellence.

Export Beat Pvt. Ltd is proud to have a strong governing body that drives our organization towards success. Join us on this journey as we continue to make a mark in the export industry.


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